Sicily for 6 months?

My son is considering an internship in a small Sicilian town (Riesi), and I just thought I'd ask if anyone knows anything about that town or that area. Seems fairly remote, so I'm curious about the infrastructure, etc. Thanks for any help or insights you can give me, Keith

Posted by Roberto
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It is somewhat isolated at some distance from major cities. Catania and Palermo, the largest metro areas, are less than 2 hours away. The provincial capital, Caltanissetta, is a 30 min drive away. I guess it would be equivalent to staying in a small town in the California Central Valley. The town is small and not served by rail. Buses are probably not that frequent for a town of 10,000, therefore he'll need a car. For 6 months he should look at a leased vehicle rather than a car rental. Not sure about what you intend by infrastructure. There are highways, and roads are paved. Water is safe and they have electricity and Internet access. Cell phone service is ubiquitous in Italy, even in the most remote areas.

Posted by Michael
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Do be sure to double check the visa requirements for stays longer than 90 days. He might be fine having an internship, but you don't want to find out the hard way if there is a problem.

Posted by Kim
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What kind of internship would he be doing in such a place?

Posted by Keith
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He has an EU passport, so visa is not an issue. He will be an engineering intern at a design firm in that city. Thanks for all the responses!