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Sicily car rental

I believe auto europe is the best source in Sicily and they connect you with Dollar and many other companies of some repute.

My question is whether anyone has experience with their credit card company covering the extra insurance, even the no deductible. I Shall try my Chase but just wondering.

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Italy is one of the places most credit card companies exclude coverage.

You need to contact your provider to determine if yours might be a rare exception. Get it in written form.

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Sicily has nothing to do with it. Sicily is part of Italy, and is treated the same as anywhere else in Italy - so leave Sicily out of the discussion as it's irrelevant.

My credit card (which may or may not be the same as you have) absolutely does provide coverage in Italy, so some do. But don't take it from me, or from anyone else here, as you will get lots of incorrect (though well-intentioned) answers from people who have no skin in the game. Call the number on the back of your card and take it from there. And make sure you fully understand ALL the details.

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Many credit cards will not provide coverage in Italy. As it says above, check with your card issuer for your particular card. One of my cards issued by Chase does not provide coverage but a few issued by them will. I have found that the security of renting a car through AutoEurope and choosing the optional $0 deductible assures piece of mind and makes my rental stress free. Even $0 ddeductible varies from company to company. Europcar charges an administration fee of about €65 if you have a claim, Hertz has no such charge.