Should we take a trip to Florence from Rome?

My fiance and I will be traveling to Italy for part of our honeymoon. We will arrive 8:10am Sun morning on June 30 and then leave Rome 6:00pm Sat July 6. I have been to Rome before, my fiance has not. 1.)We were wondering if it is worth the time and effort to travel to Florence for a 2 night stay or just to do a day trip??? (we don't want our honeymoon to be too rushed) 2.) We also wanted to see some of Tuscany and were wondering if there are any day trips from Rome or Florence into Tuscany??? Any advice is much appreciated.
Thank you!

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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It's up to you. Florence generally requires at least 2 days, but you can squeeze something in a day if you get there early. Travel time is 90 min one way and trains start very early.
You could go to Florence first, upon arrival, spend Sun, Mon, Tue night in Florence. then Wed, Thu, Friday night in Rome. On Mon you could take a day trip from Florence to Siena.