Short itinerary for Sicily?

Hi all, I'm traveling to Sicily in October. Never been and I'd like to get recommendations for where to go. Have 7 nights. One of my "must-dos" is having a great cannoli! : ) What suggestions do you well as should I fly into Palermo or Catania from Rome?
Thanks in advance.

Posted by Frances
San Diego
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Here is a site I used to help in my planning for Sicily. There are hundreds of links from this site to just about all the info
you will need. Best of Sicily...

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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Frances suggested a great website. In seven nights, you may want to narrow your options to one or two areas - Sicily is huge and you could end up spending lots of time traveling from point to point. The area around Palermo and the area around Taormina (opposite ends of the island) seem to be the most popular. Let us know what you are interested in (besides cannoli, which is easy to find). If you are there in the right season, a blood orange granita might be a treat. You can fly into either Palermo or Catania, depending on where you want to spend your time (Catania is the closest airport to Taormina).