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Shopping Bag Hint

I've seen some discussion about day bags on this board, so I thought I would share my suggestion. When travelling in a large city like Rome or Florence I always carry my guidebooks and maps in a shopping bag, in addition to a small shoulder bag. It is easy to access them, and I feel as if a shopping bag doesn't scream "tourist" like a backpack or large tote might. Does anyone else do this?

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Unless you get your haircut and buy all new clothing once you land in Italy you are going to look like a tourist. Plus the fact that you are visiting tourist sights and don't speak fluent Italian pegs you as a tourist. Howeve if the shopping bag works for you, go for it.

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I think it's a great idea. Some of the shopping bags are absolutely beautiful! Hallmark anyone? Use one the size of a small tote bag, large enough to carry your guidebooks and maps.Or else I'm going to have to call you Bag Lady! LOL! Jeannine

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Gail, I think that is a reasonable approach. We follow a similar approach and mininize the number and size of bags we use. While I agree that you cannot avoid looking like a tourist, just don't look like a stupid, American tourist. When the theft is scanning the crowd for likely targets, he may pass you because you don't look as promising.

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It sounds reasonable enough, but I'm wondering how many guidebooks and maps you are carrying every day? I stow mine in my day bag, and I can't imagine carrying more than one, maybe two, at a time. I don't think I would want the burden of carrying another bag around all day, let alone the burden of multiple guidebooks; they get heavy! It's a great idea if you've done some shopping that day, but I wouldn't want to carry more bags than I need to. If it works for you, though, that's great!