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Shoes for hiking the CT

I'm trying to figure out what shoes I should wear. I'm 32 (so I want something stylish) and I'll be in Italy for the first two weeks of October. I don't know if I should bring 1 or 2 pairs. If I bring 1 pair, then they also need to be suitable for hiking along the CT. What have you seen women wearing in Oct. and what is suitable for sightseeing and hiking and going out for a couple of nice dinners and "dressing up a bit?"

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Julie, when I was hiking the trails, I observed quite a mixture of footwear. There was everything from rubber flip-flops (younger girls) to leather hiking boots (Europeans). I only took ONE pair of shoes to Europe (my trusty Rockport European Tour) and that's what I used for everything (including light hiking in the Swiss Alps). I was trying to "travel light".

With a standard walking shoe, one has to be a bit careful about footing and not move too quickly, especially on the C.T. trails as that style of shoe doesn't provide much ankle support.

I wasn't too concerned about being "stylish", I just wanted something that was reasonably functional for all situations.

Happy travels!!!

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Julie - good news is women's shoes do not weigh nearly as much as men's shoes. Maybe Rick can get by with the one pair of shoes he has on his feet but I would sacrifice almost anything to bring a 2nd pair of shoes. Assuming that your first pair is the heavier, hiking type shoe (and you'll find lots of advice on what type to bring here and on the Best Walking Shoes board), your 2nd pair can be a lighter, more "dressy" but still comfortable shoe. Even in October you might try a walking sandal or if you really would only wear them for going out then try a nice, flat black shoe that you can wear with a skirt. You will wear your heavier pair most of the time so you aren't adding much weight to your suitcase.

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For a second pair of shoes, I suggest taking a pair of the newer "dressy" Crocs. Yes, Crocs, those ugly holey clogs that everyone wears in neon orange.
Except they now have several styles that are actually very - well - Stylish. And they weigh like 6 oz and are VERY comfortable! I am taking a pair of the "Cleo" sandals to wear with a skirt. And where else can you get a pair of comfy shoes for $30?

Try the Prima(ballet shoe), or the new wedgie. See the current line-up here:

Jayne in Colorado (home of the Crocs)

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Thanks for the feedback. It sounds like maybe take some "merrils" will work for the hike in CT (I'd like to do all of it) and going into restaurants should work just fine. I'm not sure what the weather will be like at the beginning of Oct., so I'm a bit leary of bringing sandals anyways.

Thanks for all the feedback!!

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Hi Julie,
I took 3 pairs of shoes for tour last year which included CT. The Keen nylon,Newport 2's were the best. Good on trails, city, and sea. They can be washed with soap and water and do not smell.(Yes your feet will smell after walking as much as you do)Took heels--big mistake. But the cute leather black Tevas were great for skirts,capris or pants.If you get the Keens dont get leather as they cannot go in water. Im taking my Keens in Sept. to Italy along with a pair of comfortable sandals.(The Tevas I liked are no longer available) Have fun. Deb

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Julie - I only take a carry a back pack with me to Europe and my trip in September will be for 3 weeks. I always take 3 pair of shoes and a pair of flip flops, I cannot cut my shoes down any further than that. We hiked in the CT last summer and I wore a pair of Teva sandles. I also take a pair of black walking shoes (sketchers) and I take a pair of black heels for evening. I know alot of people would disagree about the heels but if I wear a dress at night I want heels to go with it. My flip flops I wear in the hotels and the trains. I wouldn't be able to go with just one pair.

Have a great time the CT is beautiful.

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Glad to see your question, Julie, as this has been a dilemma for me also ! .....and I have foot problems. We will be there the same time ! I have decided on an Easy Spirit slip on tennis shoe type that accomodates an orthodic, and a cute Mary Jane, but supportive Merrill black flat. Bet I put in a light weight of good walking sandals too ! I'm willing to haul them around ! Have a great time ! Marilyn