Shipping wine and other purchases

What is the best way to ship wine and other purchases back to the states? Is it easy to do?

Posted by Maricela
La Verne, CA, USA
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Hi Kelly,

You should look under the general europe forum. There is some information on shipping wine.

Posted by Regina
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There are shops in Rome that will ship items for you if you purchase more than just a few things. I cannot think of the name of the shop, but it is on Via del tritone just outside of Piazza Barberini. It is right on the main road and they sell wine, liquor, chocolates, gourmet pastas, etc. I know people who have had their things shipped from there and it was all easy.

Posted by Paul
Cedar, IA, USA
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Kelly, Check with both your State Liquor Control Board and the US Customs website. Verify that your State allows you to ship alcohol, States vary all over the place. Check for other items, particularly food as well, so you know the rules. Well meaning shop owners will arrange shipping, but unless you know the rules, your package may be stopped at Customs and you are out your purchase. Generally, I bring what I can back with me rather than risk shipping.