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September Palermo - Rome Rail Travel

I am flying to Palermo in September for a month to travel up the Amalfi coast. I have no plans, reservations or itinerary. I know this is a weird time but it's something for me to plan while I am under virus lock down. I am planning to travel up the coast by train and would like any suggestions on places to stop, stay, how to travel what to waste money on and what not. I am truly winging this and would be grateful for any insights of any kind :-)

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I hope u are planning at least 1.5 weeks to see Sicily. It is a gold mine of sights. Museums, archeology sights, churches, vistas, seaside villages and even a famous volcano.
I was amazed at its beauty and sights. I was there on a guided tour in 2017.
Re the southern Italy portion use a guidebook, it is the easiest and best.

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My insight take it or leave it, is until the world including the US and Italy has a handle on this virus, I don't believe there will be much vacation travel going on. We need a vaccine available to the public in order to be safe and not spread this virus around. Should you book anything, make sure it is refundable. You will need to check with the State Department, the airlines and the CDC before you travel and you must make sure things are open in Italy at that time.

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I am flying to Palermo in September for a month to travel up the Amalfi coast.

I am hoping to fly to Palermo.... might be a better way to look at it

Palermo is on the Island of Sicily. The Amalfi coast is on the mainland and is about a 40 mile stretch between Sorrento and Salerno.

You said you are 'winging it', but a few more and better clues as to what/where you are planning would be helpful.

I admire your optimism that September travel will be possible. It would be wonderful if it happens.

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For when your trip does get to take place...allow time to see Sicily. In October 2018 we spent 3 weeks driving the island counterclockwise flying in and out of Palmero. We saw lots but still so much more to see. Loved Sicily and hope to visit again!

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Right. Whether you can or can't travel to italy in Sept remains to be seen.
On the outside chance that you can, how much time have you allowed for Sicily itself?

Also, it's unclear how much of italy's coast you intend to explore? How/where are you planning to transfer from Sicily to the mainland?

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When it is time to plan this trip, probably for next year, give Sicily a minimum of two weeks.

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Hoping your trip will come to fruition! On Sicily, there is limited rail service so to get places it’s rail, bus or both. There is decent bus service to some of the sites not served by rail. Renting a car is also an option and is my preferred way to visit the island - with normal admonitions about ZTL’s and international driver permit. As far as going up the coast,I would take the ferry and then train from Messina to Paestum, for an overnight stay and then get a train to Salerno where I’d catch the ferry or bus and stay in Amalfi. Amalfi is a transportation hub so it’s easy to get buses and ferries to visit other parts of the Coast or Capri. Next would be either Sorrento or Naples from which Mt. Vesuvius, Herculaneum and Pompei are easy train rides. If you would stay in Naples, from Amalfi I would return to Salerno to get the train rather than going by bus to Sorrento and then to Naples on the Circumvesuviana.