Secret passages in Florence

Has anyone taken this tour? I've heard that it is very interesting. I can't seem to find how to make a reservation for it. Can someone help me? Thanks. Linda

Posted by Sherry
San Jose, CA
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Assuming you mean the Vassari Corridor, you have to book with an outside tour company. Only groups can enter. I used Artviva. I didn't particularly care for the tour (superficial presentation, targeted to lowest common denominator), but enjoyed the corridor. There are a few amazing self-portraits in the corridor, as well as some lovely views from the few windows. If I did it again, I'd book with Context Florence. However, if this is your first time in Florence and your time is limited, I'd suggest waiting until you've visited the major museums/churches/other sites that interest you.

Posted by Kathy
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P.S. Ours was not the Vasari Corridor tour. It was a tour of the Palazzo Vecchio as seen through the eyes of Giorgio Vasari and he takes you into some hidden rooms and narrow passageways.

Posted by Linda
Shelby, North Caro, USA
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Thank you all so much! I will check out the Tours mentioned. I've been to Lorene several times and would like to o this!