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Search engine?

There are 100s of topics on this forum. Is there any way to narrow search to like Cinque Terre topics?

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You can also Google on something like "Rick Steves forum Cinque Terre" and then under Tools pick "Past Year" to get the most recent ones.

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Whenever you search anything, there appears a ‘filter by type’ bar that allows you to narrow down the results to forum, and/or articles, tour info, etc.

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I find the Search function here (on a desktop computer, look for the magnifying glass) really, really weak. I either read back through the appropriate forum (which will work fairly well since CT or some spelling of "Cinque Terre" will often appear in the thread title) or I use Google as has already been suggested.

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The search box at the top of this page seems to work reasonably well. If you enter a few key words (ie: Cinque Terre, Vernazza, Monterosso) and then set the filters to search "Forum only", you should come up with some relevant results. Unfortunately I'm not sure if it's possible to filter for "newest first" posts, but hopefully that will be added in future.