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Scavi Tour on Wednesday - Vatican City

I've received confirmation that I can book a Scavi tour for Wednesday, March 27th at 1:30 PM. I understand that Wednesdays are also the day when Papal Audiences occurs, and I have confirmed that there is a Papal Audience scheduled for that day.

At first glance, I figured I could book a tour of the Vatican Museums for early that morning, take a lunch break, do my Scavi tour, and then from there go straight to St. Peter's Basilica and climb up to the Dome.

Is this doable? I know Wednesdays can be tricky with the Papal Audience, so I wasnt sure how packed it would be and if I'd be better off trying another day?

Another question, is it possible to leave Vatican City after I'm done with the Museum tour and go grab lunch at someplace nearby (like Pizzarium) then come back for my Scavi tour?

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The Scavi tour is fantastic don't miss it. From the Scavi tour you can walk right into St. Peter's without standing on line. If you know what you want to see in the Vatican museum see it in the afternoon because you will walk right in. That is what we did but we only wanted to see two real sections in the museum, obviously one was the sistine chapel. The dome climb is a tough one, so if you are not in good shape skip it. You can take an elevator for a small fee part of the way. But he rest of the climb is a tough one if you are not in shape of if you have bad knees. By the ways lots of places to grab lunch just across the street from he Vatican Museum.

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We were a little worried about how crowded it’d be on a Wednesday due to the Papal Audience but decided to chance it.

Any lunch recommendations nearby?