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Sardinia travel tips and spots to check out

Hey travel community! Been a rough couple years for travelling, but things are hopefully looking up for 2022.

I am starting my travel planning for a potential trip in 2022, and i have had a lot of interest in Sardinia :)
Finding info and guide books have been tougher than other places ive been, but i have always had great luck with Rick Steves books and the travel forum so i would like to ask for some ideas.

My plan for my trip would be for roughly 3 weeks, and most likely in early September. I have travelled to Italy a few times before and in those times seen most of all the big sites. For this trip i would like to get a closer and more intimate experience into the lifestyle and culture.
From what ive read about Sardinia so far, it seems that water and beach activities are the highlights that most people talk about. I am definitely looking forward to some leisure time on the beach, however i am not a huge water person so some other ideas from the community would be greatly appreciated!

Itinerary wise i am open to suggestions and ideas people have enjoyed in their past trips. I was thinking about including some agriturimos, cooking classes, tours, hikes, festivals, food/wine tastings, etc...

Also i will definitely be renting a car, and will either be traveling alone or possibly with my mum and/or brother (all adults).
I was also wondering how travel in italy has been affected by covid and what are some new rules to be aware of while im there.

Any tips, info or experiences you would like to share would be great!

Thanks everyone

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Sardinia has long been on my list as an outdoors and archaeology lover, but I have not made it yet! One thing I would do is peruse some cookbooks, as Sardinian cuisine is unique. I have Sweet Myrtle and Bitter Honey, but there are a few others. I often use cookbooks when travel planning, especially to Italy.
Rough Guide, Lonely Planet, and DK all have Sardinia-specific books. Good luck!

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I posted stuff on Sardinia in the past.

I do not recommend to travel to Sardinia in July and August. Too many visitors and prices skyrocket. I've traveled there mostly in June (sometimes straddling into early July). June or September are perfect, nice weather to enjoy the water but not as expensive.

Regarding Covid, the protocols change depending on the cases in each region, so you will need to inquire closer to the time of your travel. Right now a CDC vaccination card will give you access to everything in Italy. The US requires a test within 48 hours from traveling on the plan back when you return. What will happen in 2022 nobody knows.

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@ valadelphia
Thanks for the great idea! Ive never actually thought of using cookbooks as a travel aid, but i love the idea. I am a huge fan of Italian cuisine and would definitely love to try some cooking for myself

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@Roberto da Firenze
Thanks for the reply!
I checked out your other post and found some great info there. Im checking out the websites you posted there and they look great so far. I know Rick Steves doesnt publish a travel guide for Sardinia so was also wondering if you have any travel guide recommendations?

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Before Covid my wife and I had a trip planned to Sardinia traveling mostly by train and staying in Airbnb apartments.

Our itinerary:
Sunday June 28 1:50pm depart Malta and arrive Cagliari 3:05pm. (Air Malta).
Sunday June 28 stay in Cagliari 5 nights
Friday July 3 stay in Oristano 5 nights.

Wednesday July 8 stay in Bosa 3 nights.

Saturday July 11 stay in Alghero 5 nights.

Thursday July 16 stay in Olbia 1 night.
Friday July 17 fly to Bari.

Mostly beach areas although covered much of the island. Sad to have canceled everything. Hope we can do it someday. Maybe the places we had planned will give you some ideas.

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Any travel guide will do. Valadelphia gave you a few to consider. I think I still have a DK guide in my bookcase, but I'm sure in the past I've also used other guides that I have later given away.

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Sardinia can be very expensive. Parts of it cater to the European yacht crowd.

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More great ideas, thanks everyone!
Ill definitely pick up one of those travel books, and really interested in a cookbook too!

From what ive researched so far, i have noticed most of the info and "must see" places are all around the coast.
I am curious if anyone has any info on the interior of the island? Maybe some hidden gems that are over looked, or some things that will give a more rounded experience.

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I'm sure LP or Rough Guide will cover some of the interior. Once you have done some research, ask on Trip Advisor and Fodors as well--I know I've seen info on Sardinia on those forums.

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Google the word "nuraghi" and you'll find a lot of info about these fascinating ancient structures located in Sardinia's interior, built between 1900 and 730 B.C. Happy travels!

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some hidden gems that are over looked

What about a deep gem hidden in plain sight?

Inner Sardinia is not only cheaper, less crowded and with less roads than the coastal areas. It's another way of living. In summer driving from the crowds of Cala Luna to the peace of the Ollolai villages is almost unreal.

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Or just google 'SARDEGNA ENTROTERRA' and you'll find plenty of hits on the interior of Sardinia.

Away from the fancy spots for the Yacht crowd on the Costa Smeralda (e.g. Porto Rotondo, Porto Cervo, Baja Sardinia, Golfo Pevero), Sardinia is rather inexpensive outside July and August, when prices obviously go up a lot along the whole coast.