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Sardegna...getting there, where to stay???

Will be in Italy July 08, first time going to Sardegna. I will be coming from Amalfi Coast (Napoli closest port) can't seem to find a ferry going from Napoli to Sardegna....also, any recommendations where to stay and what to see, besides Spiaggia Rosa??

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We spent three days in Sardegna in early Oct 2007. No tenough time to see the entire island, so there may be plenty of good spots that we missed. The highlight for us was the area around Dorgali. The Golfo di Orosei was beautiful and the water was just absolutely perfect to swim in. I'd suggest renting a boat and going south along the coast until you find a nice, remote pocket beach. If you go early enough, you may have the beach to yourself for a while. The mountains/National Park to the south of Dorgali are beautiful as well. The town of Dorgali itself is not a destination. We stayed at Hotel Il Querceto in Dorgali and loved it. The rooms are large and comfortable, the hotel has a nice restaurant, and the family who runs it treated us very well.

The interior of Sardegna was pretty stark and it is evident that the people there are struggling. The drivers are unbelievably unsafe...makes driving on mainland Italy seem like a cakewalk.