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San Marino (not Italy I know)

I am looking at adding San Marino to my time in Italy. I realized that it is not Italy but figure this is the best place to ask as it is suronded by Italy.

I will be in Italy for about 6 weeks or so. Including a tour in Sicily and a food tour from Venice to Rome (7 days) . In the time between tours I am now thinking of going to San Marino. For some reason it is pulling me to visit.
I originally was planning to stay in Florence with day trips for 6 nights. I would arrive later in the afternoon of day 1. I am looking a a few day trips around the area. I was planning on heading to Padua after Florence for 4 nights with day trips and then heading to Venice for 2 nights prior to my tour.

I am now thinking of adding San Marino to my travels. It seems like a very long day trip from either Florence or Venice so I am looking at taking the train from Florence and staying in Rimini for a night or two. I would take the bus early the first full day to San Marino and spend the day. Taking the bus back in the later afternoon. Either staying an extra night in Rimini and then the train to Venice the next day.

I would then base myself out of Venice rather than Padua till my tour starts or would you base yourself out of Padua.

Has anyone been to San Marino does this plan make sense. It would be late September early October if that makes a difference.

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I’ve done San Marino as a very long day trip from Ravenna, which involved going through Rimini. Obviously if you stay in Rimini it becomes even more doable. We usually need more time at sites than most other people, but one day was fine for San Marino. Make sure to ask for the commemorative passport stamp at the TI.

While you’ll be in that part of Italy, I encourage you to consider stopping in Ravenna, too.

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HK thank you for your reply. I too tend to spend more time in one place or a site than others. I took a look at Ravenna it looks great, might be doable as a day trip from Rimini or as an overnight between Rimini and Venice.

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If you stay in Rimini, it’s an easy half a day/day visit (I don’t even think you need a full day to see it). It’s nice, and it will provide gorgeous views from the top (at least on a clear day).
Since in late September or early October it might be past the beach time, you may want to stay in the historical center of Rimini. It was founded by the Romans a couple hundred of years before Florence, so it has some interesting Roman sights, like the Tiberius bridge or the the arch pf Augustus.
If you like seafood, eat at the Ristorante da Lele. My cousin (who lives in Rimini) loves the place, and I do too.

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We just returned from 2 glorious weeks in Italy (Emilia-romagna). We stayed a few nights in Rimini, and did San Marino and Ravenna from there - ABSOLUTELY recommend both places. Buy your bus ticket to San Marino (across from train station at Tabacco E. Venere) after arriving and take the FIRST bus out (around 8 am) the next morning to avoid the tourist hordes - you'll have the place practically to yourselves; enjoy your coffee and pastry there and do the hike between castles first thing). To do Ravenna, buy a guided Mosaic tour package from Viator - the half day one was approx. $25 pp. She did an excellent job of explaining the mosaics and guiding you from place to place (there were 4 of us on that particular tour); there are timed entry requirements at each site (not close together), and you need to buy individual tickets if you try to do it on your own - she saved us much time and gave us great explanations as well. There is an 8:43 train from Ravenna, which gets you there in time to make your tour. Oh, I would also check out the cruise ship schedule for Ravenna - try to go there on a day there is no cruise ship in port; it's a small town and I can't even imagine the atmosphere with all those cruisers in town.

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Thanks Roberto da Firenze not a seafood person, but took a look I can see if I liked seafood that would be a great option. Always love resturant suggestions.

Thanks Kay

I am more and more leaning on spending maybe 3 night in Rimini. My early play is

Day 1 (sleep Rimini) arrive from Florence (buy ticket for next day to San Marino) wander around town, see the sights.
Day 2 (sleep Rimini) San Marino Early morning bus spend day
Day 3 (Sleep Rimini) Ravenna back to Rimini
Day 4 Train to Venice or Padua, this is still up in the air. sleep in either Padua or Venice.

I love the idea about arriving in San Marino early before the crowds. Early morning was my favourite time in Venice years ago. We would wander around prior to breakfast and the crowds.