Salerno - really that bad??

I heard Rick describe it as a horrible place! Do you agree? I'm wondering if it's worth visiting while on vacation in Sorrento.

Posted by ekc
Portland, OR
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It depends on how long you will be staying in the area. It is not at all "terrible" and has a nice historical center, but if you only have a few days it may not be worth the trek. If you have, say, a week, you could combine it with Vietri Sul Mar or another of the villages.

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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He does? I don't see why. It would probably come after Naples, Pompeii, Capri, Positano, and Amalfi (and its duomo) in my list of things to see in that area, but I wouldn't call Salerno horrible. If you have the time to go there is a nice Duomo to see and also a Castle on top of the hill. Also Paestum and its temples are not too far to the south of it.

Posted by Linda
Bromley, Kent,, UK
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A tour company based in Sorrento does a coach trip to Paestum which includes a stop in Salerno to visit the Cathedral (which is well worth visiting) and the old town. Although we had visited Paestum before under our own steam (rental car), we took the tour a year ago and had a good day out. We took a picnic lunch with us.

Posted by Keith
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"Horrible" sounds a bit extreme but its not my favourite town in the area. It was heavily damaged during the Allied landings and the re-built centre hasn't much character outside the surviving medieval quarter (I think it survived, it might be re-built too). As well as the cathedral mentioned already, there is an interesting medicinal garden you can visit. The main reason we went to Salerno was a stopping off point on the way to Paestum. If you are not going there, I'm not sure Salerno is worth a visit (especially not if the alternative is extra time in Naples or some of the places north of Naples).

Posted by Katherine
Atlanta, GA, USA
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Not that bad!! I lived there for 2 years, and I LOVE it....but that may be for daily life instead of being a tourist. I do know that it is a great place for a day trips, especially if you don't want the whole town to go to sleep while you are looking for people watching and night life....You can travel to Paestum, Pompeii, Amalfi, Vietri sul Mare, Capri, Ravello, Ercolano, & Positano.... I hear that the "fancy" hotel isn't great, but if you just need a bed and a great location, the Plaza Hotel right on the square at the train station is great, transportation is right at your fingertips, and out your door is the beginning of a GREAT corso for shopping, eating, and people watching....