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Safety in Italy (Rome in particular)

I am in my late 20s and will be traveling alone. Other than keeping my personal belongings hidden form view, are there other safety concerns I need to be aware of? How safe is taking the subway after dark? Walking after dark? I will be staying near Piazza Del Popolo in Rome and will probably walk to most places in Rome. Am I better off taking the taxi at night? Which part of Rome should I avoid or be cautious of? Thanks!

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Rome is a big city, so follow any rules you may already be used to. Be aware of your surroundings. You'll be focused on looking around at all the sights (who can resist?!), but always keeps your wits about you. Trust your gut; if it looks suspicious or dangerous, follow your instinct. Be careful who you trust; pick pockets wear suits, too. Rick's books also contain the latest info for scams and places to avoid, also check this website for any current scams. Hope this helps.

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After reading advice on this page for years, I have learned that using common sense about where you go and what you do is important.

Avoid walking alone any place after dark; if you must, try to find someone to go with you.

Pickpockets will be your greatest danger. Watch out for them. Always stay alert to what others around you are doing. I once grabbed a pickpocket's hand in my pocket while standing on the bus in Rome.

When you ride public trans. always stand or sit by locals your own age and talk with them. In that way you can be part of a group. Or some young people sit by old folks and talk with them.

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This may sound silly, but wear sensible shoes. Heels, a little wine, Roman paving and darkness are a recipe for disaster. Just as in any big unfamiliar city keep an eye on your surroundings. If you have a mobile with service in Italy you might preprograme the emergency number into the speed dial just in case.

I walked alone after dark and never felt threatened.

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Rome is much safer than Denver.
Comon sense is all you need. There are many people on the Rome's streets even after dark. I stayed close to terminin and I walked around Rome all over it without feeling threatened.Try to stay on the main streets.The small ones tend to be dark and unpopulated, but I personally never been scare dof them.
Areas at the periphery of Rome are to be avoid after dark.There were some shootings there about 2 years ago, but those are very rare incidents.
The subway is very crowded until late at night, so no problems. Just look around you so no one follows you.

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Rome is very safe. Of course you should always be aware of your surroudings, avoid walking through the parks after dark, but other than that, you should be fine. If walking at night does worry you, take a taxi, but the center always has people around, and Italy in general is a very safe country. When I lived there I used to take the Late bus at night and walk from the stop back to my apartment, I never had any problems.
If it makes you feel any better they have upped the security in Rome and now there are soldiers on the streets as well along with police and carabinieri.

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Just use good common sense. Carry your money in a moneybelt. Nothing should be in your purse that you couldn't stand to lose. The subway should be fine until 10:00 or so. You are staying in a very good and convenient area. Taxis are difficult to come by in rainy weather. I wouldn't be as nervous walking at night in Rome as I would in Dallas or Denver.

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I felt very safe walking in Rome, even after dark. Naples...a different story.