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Good morning. We are US citizens flying to Milan from Newark next week. We will be staying in Lake Como for a week and then we have booked flights on RyanAir from Milan to Palermo where we will stay for two weeks. Since we will already have arrived in Italy, what will RyanAir require from us on this "domestic" flight? We are vaccinated and have our CDC cards, we presumably will have also had a negative covid test prior to arriving in Italy.

Thank you for your help. Trying to be sure we are prepared and have everything we need to get to Palermo.

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Hi, Jacque, you might find more information, and more responses to your question if you post it in a newly created section of this forum specifically created for such questions. Go to the column "Tips and Trip Reports" then scroll down to "Covid-19 and Travel." Also, you might get more helpful answers if you title your posting something like "Domestic Italian flight: CDC card or testing needed?" I don't think it will be Ryanair that sets the policy, but the Italian government. Good luck! Palermo is fascinating!

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I have a Rome to Palermo flight, after a few days in Rome coming up on Wednesday (Sep 8) on maybe I can give an update.

My understanding is that the CDC card is sufficient. I did get a general email from Ryanair, and it had a link for forms for Sicily (and every other location they go to in Europe), but the link was just to a general health site, and no real instructions, just information on vaccines. The last information I had was that an ePLF is not required for domestic flights.

I did see though something where a test may be required on landing in Sicily, since Sicily is now a "Yellow" region, but could find no further details.

If I see something more, I will post.

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Thank you Paul. I would love an update after you have your flight to see what is required. We won't be doing this flight until the 18th of September. Any help or suggestions would be most appreciated. Thank you.