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Ryan Air need more info. please

My husband and I bought tickets from Italy to Brussels (Charleroi) through Ryan Air. Due to a change of plans we won't be able to travel as scheduled. Besides paying 30 euro per flight per person to change our dates, can we just ask for credit, I said credit not a refund?! (It's hard to change our flight information when I don't know what our future schedule is going to look like and I think you have to change flight details at least 24hrs prior to departure). Yes, I know this is Ryan pay for everything but it doesn't hurt to ask.

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Ryanair's cancellation policy is very simple, "We told you it's nonrefundable, now go away." They are brutal about it. Doubtful they'll give you anything. The following is Ryanair's policy, "All Ryanair fares are non-refundable - except in the case of a flight cancellation or a significant flight time change."