Running in Rome

I will be staying in Trastavere during the week. Weekends will be with family in Vasanello so that area is covered. Any good places to run? Would like to check out some of the marathon course since I will be running it next year. Thanks

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Villa Pamphili.
There are some hills, if you don't mind. Lots of joggers there.

Posted by Andria
Eugene, OR, USA
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I just copied this comment from this helpline or fodors forum: "If you are a runner, Villa Borghese is a great place: miles of tree-lined roads and paths; statues, fountains, and buildings to delight the eye; and many fellow runners. If you enter from the Via della Trinita del Monte (take Via Sistina to the top of the Spanish Steps and angle up and to the right) there is a great view of the city. Early in the morning is best to avoid rush hour traffic."

Posted by Roberto
Fremont, CA, USA
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Linda is staying in Trastevere. Villa Pamphili is there, Villa Borghese is not. Both have huge parks popular with joggers. Villa Pamphili has a much larger park that is often the venue of marathone and running races.

Posted by Maggie
Boscombe, Dorset, UK
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My marathon-running buddy was in Rome a couple of months ago. She ran alongside the Tiber- said it was easiest place to run and not get lost. And very pleasant,too.

Posted by Linda
Shelby, North Caro, USA
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I don't want to get lost! That's happened here! I appreciate the comments

Posted by Kevin
Park Ridge, Illinois, USA
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Linda: Please let me know how your running goes while in Rome. I am a marathon runner too and will be there visiting in July.
Good Luck.

Posted by Lee
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In my running days I liked to run by scenic/famous places when traveling. An interesting route in Rome is Trastavere to St. Peter's Square, over Ponte Sant' Angelo, through Piazza Navona, to the Tiber, over Ponte Garibaldi back to Trastavere. If you have a compass (separate or on your phone) and know where you are in relation to the river you can't possibly get lost. "Dove" (dovay) is Italian for "where." Put where you want to go after it (e.g. Tivere) to get pointed directions. I've walked in Rome in the early morning commute hours. The traffic is what one would expect in a major city, so not a big deal if you've done that.