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Round trip train Rome/Venice

We are taking a 2 day trip to Venice at the end of our trip to Rome. We thought we could save some money by taking a night train to arrive back in Rome the morning of the day we leave to come home. I can't seem to find any information on how to book a sleeper. Maybe the trip is too short for a sleeper? Also, looking for any advise to get the best fares.

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Kent is right when he implies that you probably won't sleep well. Considering you're going to be flying home soon afterwards, the overnight train is probably not a great idea if it stops frequently. If you're good at recovering from jet lag, go for it! But if you'll be back at work soon after getting home...

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My worry would be that there would be a rail workers strike, and I wouldn't be able to get back to Rome on the morning I needed to catch the flight home. I sure would hate to miss the flight and have to purchase another plane ticket.

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Kent is correct. I have traveled throughout Europe via overnight trains. The only time I slept well was the train from Paris to Nice. I had made reservations for a bed in a sleeper car. The car had six bunk beds. Otherwise, you sleep on couchettes. This is a day time chair that pulls out like a recliner.

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Just to clarify...Couchettes are four- or six-person compartments with simple bunks...basically a padded shelf with bedding. It's better than the reclining chairs, but not as good as a proper sleeper compartment.

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Thanks to everyone - you have convinced me not to do the overnight! I had not even thought about the possibility of a train strike - not worth the risk.