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rooms in CT

We are in San Remo now and want to train it to the CT on Monday or so. I have been reading your posts about emailing for rooms, but have no email addresses. Can anyone help with email addresses for reserving rooms?

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The CT is five towns. Vernazza seems to be the most popular. If you are going there in the next day or two, you probably don't have time for e-mail. The phone would work better IMHO. For Vernazza, Albergo Barbara is 0817-812-398; Trattoria Gianni is 0187-821-003. In Monterosso, my favorite is Mueble Agavi at (mobile) 333-697-4071. Since it is not the weekend that you will be arriving, you can wait until you arrive at the town of your choice and look for a room then. Best to arrive in the am. There is a Pro Loco (TI) near the train station in Monterosso, and Riomaggiore has two or three rental agencies on the main street. In Vernazza, it is said that you can just ask locals if they know of a room for rent. You could try for rentals in the area. La Spezia and Levanto are nearby larger towns and you could try one or both of those towns.

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If you have no luck finding reserv since this is PEAK season try Sta Margarita Ligure on train route also. Lovely and alot more hotels etc they have a TI that may help you. good luck.