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Romes elegant residential neighborhoods

One thing I enjoy about visiting cities either in the US or in Europe is checking out elegant residential neighborhoods with nice architecture, parks etc, such as the Upper East Side in New York, the Gold Coast in Chicago, Bogenhaus in Munich, Zehlendorf in Berlin. I'm wondering about what Roman neighborhoods might be worthwhile visiting. My internet research so far hasn't found anything definite, with some mentioning the Prati, some Parioli, some the Aventino. So I'd like to hear from seasoned Rome travelers what they've found most appealing from an architectural and aesthetic viewpoint.

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The thing you have to remember is that many of the major cities of Europe, especially Italy and Germany were severely damaged in WWII. The rebuild process was primarily get it built with little attention to aesthetics. Beyond the historical centers it can be pretty plain Jane. Their concepts of parks is very different than the US concept where lots of open space was available. There were not the decades or money to build elegant neighborhoods. There are some pockets that survived or have been restored/maintained. You have to look hard. Trastevere in south Rome might met some of your interest but it is, at best, worn elegance.

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I remember the neighborhood around the Borghese Museum/ Gallery was very nice - leafy and green. The park and surrounding green space is elegant, without a doubt.

Also, check out Parioli (north of where the Borghese is) and Salario

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We stayed in the Aventine section in Rome. Quiet, leafy, nontouristy yet not far from the metro. We were the only tourists in the restaurants near our hotel. We loved it.

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We have stayed in the Prati district several times and found several streets to be interesting from an architechtural viewpoint. It happens to be a good spot for walking. I'd love to hear back on your findings when you do go.

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We stayed in the Parioli District on one visit to Rome. It is north, up above the Villa Borghese and it’s park. There is a toney feel if that is what you’re describing.
Last December we spent time in the Monti District and enjoyed walking around. Next time, we will stay there.

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I like a stroll around a nice residential neighbourhood. I've walked around a some of Bogenhausen and some of the areas in the west end of London, as well as stumbling upon a nice residential around Schonbrunn in Vienna. If you are looking for a tony area with tree-lined streets, it's a bit harder to find in Rome (or was for me).

I like it all in Rome, Trastevere probably at the top. The main drag in Aventino is tree-lined - elegant? Try looking at the area west of Circo Massimo and see if that tickles your fancy. Also, as mentioned above, the area around Villa Borghese, the streets to the north of the park.

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It is far, far from elegant, but Garbatella in Rome is very interesting. Built as a housing project in the 1920's and designed so that the apartment buildings are all different and surround their own courtyard gardens. We stayed in an apartment there for a week and also enjoyed eating in the neighborhood. You will not see many tourists in Garbatella, but it's easy to get to on the metro.

The Quartiere Coppedé is on our list of places to visit in Rome next time we go --- it's the Art Nouveau district.

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Nancy beat me to it: the Quartiere Coppedé is very interesting. I would not stay there but a walk with lunch nearby is a great plan.

FYI, I lived in Rome, in Parioli which is walkable to/from Coppedé, but as a visitor I would not stay there as it is a longish trip to the historic center. I would stay in Prati and venture to these neighborhoods as outings.

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Prati is in my opinion the best neighborhood,
its safe, has everything you ll need, nice restaurant, bars, shops etc
a short walk to the vatican and a nice not too long walk to the historical center
use the the ottaviano or lepanto metro to get to the colosseum and visit neighborhood
trastevere can be arrived by bus from piazza risorgimento or taxi

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my favorite neighborhoods monti and trastevere for wondering around and getting lost,, there are plenty of shops, cafes, bars and restaurants to enjoy .
prati is a nice neighborhood to explore.. there is the saint angelo castle .. lots of good shops on the cola di rienzo street....