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Rome with 5 children- 11,9,9,7,3

How would you recommend visiting Rome for two full days (July 21&22) with five children? Are private tours the way to go?
I welcome all suggestions!

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It will likely be very hot and humid in Rome, so make sure the children have appropriate clothing, hats, and lots of water.
Most people here do it yourself and avoid private tours in Rome, but don't have 5 children.
The walking and the heat are serious factors to consider with five kids, so that the children are able to enjoy the experience.

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I highly recommend a private tour of the ancient area, the Colosseo, Foro Romano and Palatino. A good guide like Sonia Tavoletta ([email protected]) can make it come alive and will engage the children. Go early! Meet her at 8:00AM and you will be done before the heat really sets in.

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If money is not an issue a private tour for at least part of your time would be worthwhile. Pinocchio Tours specialise in families and are absolutely brilliant with kids.