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Rome versus Paris

I was in Paris for a couple of weeks this Spring, and I was awe-struck. The people were more than friendly, the food was great and the museums/attractions were outstanding. Will be in Rome next Spring (earlier post) and wanted to get opinions of Rome versus Paris. Not looking to start a mud slinging topic. Just wanted heart-felt opinions and experiences on differences and similiarities on the two cities. Thanks

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That's like trying to compare apples to oranges. It's impossible!!! I love both Paris and Rome but they are very different, only you can decide what you like better. Have fun and happy travels.

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Paris is feminine and Rome is masculine. The end.

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While Rome has some unbelievable historic sights, I don't think it is nearly as beautiful a city as Paris. Definitely worth seeing though, and I think you will enjoy it, but you may not be quite as awe-struck.

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Now thats a question!!

I've been to both cities, each for a week. I just loved Paris. It seems to have that little bit of "something". The Tower, the Seine, the Left Bank and of course the Louvre. Not to mention the pasteries OH! OH! OH! the pasteries!! However, I must say without any hesitation it's Roma for me. Roma is, in my humble opinion, Europe at its best. Unlike the north of Italy it is down to earth, basic and humble. Basic grounded working people who would give an arm and leg to help you out, great food that's made for ordinary folk, one of a kind historical sights and and pretty good transporation system to get you around. Final analysis: Paris: somewhat pretentious, Roma: "Earthy".
Anyway, thats my take.

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Having been to both Paris & Rome, I can say that I love both cities. The Italians are very friendly, the food is great, the scenery is beautiful in every direction and the museums/attractions are also incredible. Personally I slightly prefer Rome to Paris but it's just a slight preference; I love both cities and would not turn down an opportunity to visit either one. Both cities seem to have a vibrant energy. I think you will enjoy Rome as much as Paris.

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Have been to both cities and though I wouldn't mind going back to Paris as I liked it there, I REALLY, REALLY want to go back to Rome. I enjoy the sense of ancient history there. Love the way it looks too, and simply found Rome far more interesting then Paris. It is a personal choice, depending on your interests more than anything else.

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Norma's got it right on! For me both are wonderful but Paris is more perfect.

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"Norma's got it right on (Paris is feminine, Rome masculine)! For me both are wonderful but Paris is more perfect."

I agree. Both wonderful; Rome's a bit rougher around the edges. Plus it gets a lot hotter there, and many hotels don't turn on the air conditioning until June 1!

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For me they are both great, but I give the edge to Rome. Paris is probably a little "prettier" than Rome, but the history and churches in Rome more than make up for that. We had a wonderful trip to Paris several years ago. So much so, that I wanted to return the following year. However, we decided to go to Rome instead. As soon as I bought the plane tickets I had a panic attack thinking that I had made a horrible mistake and had a really hard time getting into planning for the trip. My first view of the Coloseum at night totally dispelled all my misgivings. I fell madly in love with Rome (and Italy) and never looked back on Paris. We have been back to Italy since that initial trip and want to go back again and again.

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That is an interesting question. I have been to both, several times. Maybe another remark could be Rome is ancient and Paris is modern. They are without a doubt two of the greatest cities in the world. I think a personal preference depends a lot of what you are more into art, history, food, culture, etc.

At the risk of starting a fight with Italy lovers I will say that the museums in Paris are usually in a better state of affairs than their counterparts in Rome overall.

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Over the past 40 years of travel, we have been to Paris twice and Rome over 10 times. Rome, to us, is more real, earthy, historic, friendly, adventuresome,etc.

To each his/her own. Paris is a treasure and shouldn't be missed.

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Norma's answer is so right! I loved both cities and want to go back to both! But they are very different. I preferred the food in Rome thought, must be all that gelato.

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I have been to both cities many times. If you were awe-struck by Paris, I think you will be equally awe-struck by Rome. The people are more than friendly, the food is great and the museums/attractions are outstanding.

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Great advice. I, too, loved Paris and I am having second thoughts about Rome, but apparently they are unfounded. Thanks again for all the great posts!!!

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My son & I went to both Paris & Rome last summer. Both cities are very impressive & worth visiting. I'd go to Rome again in a heart-beat!

P.S. Everybody says Paris is the city for lovers, but I saw many more lovers in Rome!

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Who ever gave the public transportation nod to Rome was obviously not speaking from much experience. The metro in Rome is sad,, and the buses are nasty ,, hot and crowded in summer...maybe better in spring though. The metro system in Paris is wonderful.

Everyone has their favorite,, but I way prefer the realness of the Parisians,, I find some Italians to act a bit fakey.. the waiter who smiles and oozes at you to your face laughs at you behind your back sort of thing,, at least in Paris they do not try and act like you are their best friends.. I prefer it. When you can get a Parisian to laugh with you,, now, thats a score.. LOL

I will say,, I love the history of Rome,, the Vatican is awesome,, and St Peters,, well its truly amazing,, but the city of Rome itself is not as nice to wander around,, Paris is " prettier"( at least in central touristy areas) .

I do not like pasta much,, and have not had a really good salad in Rome yet.. but on the other hand ,, I don't love pastries,, or chocolate either , a couple of popular treats in Paris, , so I will judge the two cities on their cheese and bread only..

for food, Paris wins !!LOL

I do like Italian red wine though,, and gelato is yummy..

Ah,, well, for me , Paris is my first love, but I would not pass up a chance to visit Rome either. Good luck in whatevr you choose.

do note, heat in Rome is insane in July and August,, I have been there twice in summer, and honestly,, it is hard to enjoy some sites in 100 degree heat.. walking through the stone ruins of the forums is like being in an oven.

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Joe,, you could be a little more helpful..LOL , , I mean , she did as for opinions and experiences ..not just votes.. LOL

I have a feeling with your last name you may have some interesting experiences to relay.. LOL

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I've been to both cities and in my opinion they are quite different in character but both are equally wonderful and enjoyable. A few comments on "differences and similarities":

The Metro is not as well developed in Rome, although a third line is presently under construction (this probably won't be in service for a few years yet).

Paris has Notre Dame and other impressive Churches, but St. Peter's in Rome is incredible. If you decide to hike up to the roof, you'll find that no building in Rome is taller than St. Peter's.

The food in Rome is also great (IMHO of course) but of course somewhat different than in Paris.

At times I've had the impression that Rome is more chaotic than Paris and not as "orderly", but everything always seems to function well in a wonderfully Italian way.

I'm looking forward to returning to both cities in the near future, as they're both awesome!

Happy travels!

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As a tourist, Paris can be done independently. I loved having a guide in ROME; we got so much more out of the trip.

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Rome or Paris? When in Rome it is Rome. When in Paris it is Paris. Other than that I cannot decide.

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To me,
Rome is exotic & exciting.

Paris is lovely & enchanting.

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Having been to both cities several times, my husband summed it up best....we love Rome but we are
in love with Paris...and that is the distinction for us.