Rome to Venice: Trenitalia Ticket Question

I recently purchased 2 first class one-way tickets for the Frecciargento train from Rome to Venice from the Trenitalia website. Yes, I registered and have an "account". However, I only have a printout page from the website "customer Area" that shows that the tickets were "Purchased", a PNR number, our departure & destination, Class, Coach Number and Seat numbers and the price. I never received an email, confirmation, or any actual tickets from Trenitalia, and yes, the charges appear on my credit card. My question is: Is this all I need? If this is all I need, do I need to stop in the station office before boarding the train to obtain any other document (i.e., an actual ticket) or just show this to the conductor on the train? Do I need anything else or need to do anything else? Thank you so much.

Posted by Frank
Tresana, Highlands Ranch, CO, USA
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All you need is the printout with the PNR number. It might be a good idea to bring the credit card that was used to purchase the ticket. I know that is required with German tickets but cannot remember if we needed it for the Italian tickets. Just get on the correct train, find your seats, and wait for the conductor.

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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All you need for the Conductor - the Capotreno - is the PNR. All you need for yourselves is the coach number and seat numbers. Find the coach, sit in the seats, and when the Capotreno comes by show him or her (usually him) the PNR. Simples!

Posted by Jan
Arlington, VA, USA
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Thank you really grateful for your prompt responses...all sounds easy peasy! Grazie... Caio!