Rome to Siena: Bus/Train? Sena or Sita?


We are travelling from Rome to Siena, stay in Siena for a night and then go to Florence. Is Bus a better option? and we did some research and seems there are Sena bus and Sita bus, which one is better? (kind of confused..) and do we need to purchase the tickets in advance or just got it in the station? thanks.

Posted by Larry
Elk Grove, CA, USA
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From Rome to Siena, I would suggest the SENA bus. You catch this bus just outside the Tiburtina train station in Rome. To get to Tiburtina, go downstairs at Rome Terminin and take the metro B line to Rebibbia. Tiburtina is the 4th stop.

For Siena to Florence, I would suggest the SITA bus. SITA has an express bus as well. It's called the Corse Rapide. It runs frequently during the day.

Posted by Michele
Portland, ME, USA
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I agree with Larry's Rome to Siena and Siena to Florence suggestions. I was there with my family this summer and we did exactly what Larry suggested and it was fast, efficient, easy, door-to-door servie. Happy travels.

Posted by Sam
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Thanks Larry and Michele for your info. just wonder if it's ok to purchase the bus tickets when i arrive in Rome? (we will stay in Rome for 3 days before going to Siena). thanks.

Posted by Larry
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Yep. Can do when you get there. Note that shows a 5Euro special to Siena from Rome but posters say that when they try to sign up, it jumps to 9Euro. The site is in Italian. Still, 9Euros is not bad for such a nice trip.

Posted by Sam
Toronto, Canada
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sounds great! will do that when we get to Rome.. many thanks!

Posted by Barbara
San Francisco, California, USA
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We also are going to be traveling from Rome to Siena, but will be going to Siena directly from the Rome airport. Should we follow Larry's directions or is there a better way to get to Siena from the Rome airport?

Posted by Henry
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I think you have two choices.

Take the train from FCO to termini the switch for the train to Siena (change trains in Chiusi).

Take the FR1 from FCO to Tiburtina then the bus to Siena.

Posted by Hodge
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We also wish to travel directly from FCO to Siena. One choice is to take the FC1 and then the bus. What is the FC1?

Posted by GAC
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The FR1 is the local train line which connects Fiumicino Airport with Tiburtina Station. The ticket costs 5.50 Euros, which is half the cost of the "other" airporter train which goes non stop to Termini Station. The FR1 departs every 15 minutes. DON'T CONFUSE THESE TWO TRAINS when you are at the Fiumicino Airport train station!!!

At the Tiburtina train station, you can easily connect to the SENA bus direct to Siena.

Posted by Elizabeth
Cape Town, Western Ca, South Africa
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Hi there, How long is the bus trip from Rome to Siena?
Can anybody recommend a place to stay in Siena?

Posted by Jan
Spokane, WA, USA
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Albergo Bernini is a B&B in a 1300 year old building, recommended by RS, and by me! The terrace has the best view in town of the duomo, and the proprietors are very nice and helpful. The rooms are simple and clean. The only down side is the bathrooms are not in the rooms, but there are only 8 rooms and 5 bathrooms. We never had to wait, or even saw anyone else. We always try to have a private bath, but made an exception here because it was in such a perfect location for walking the medieval city. It was really inexpensive and great fun. The bus drops you just a 6 block walk away from this B&B. If you take the train, you'll have to hire a cab to get there. My best advice on the bus is get there early and line up. If there are two of you, one needs to handle getting the bags into the luggage compartment, while the other grabs seats. Don't be shy -- there is not enough room for baggage. On our first bus trip, we wound up with half our luggage in our laps, and separate seats for the four of us! After a strategy change, the next trip went well, with our luggage stowed underneath and the four of us in two adjacent rows! Good luck!

Posted by Celeste
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I am in Siena right now. Our bus tickets cost 23 euros each; the special fare was not available although we bought them a few days in advance. The bus took a little over 3 hours. We simply took a taxi to Tiburtina from our apt at Campo dei Fiori and it was only 10 euros. Yesterday we took the bus round trip to Florence from Siena (we much prefer staying in Siena to staying in Florence), the Corso Rapida took 1.25 hours and cost 7.80 euros each way. We always buy our tickets at least one day in advance. We saw others have to pay an extra 5 euros per ticket to the driver because they had neglected to buy tickets before the bus left.

Posted by Celeste
Alachua, FL, USA
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But you have to change trains in Chiusi if you take the train from Rome to Siena, and the Siena train station is not within walking distance of the main town, while the bus station is. Having done it both ways, the bus gets my vote every time - even for 23 euros!