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Rome to Sicily

Flying seems to be the best way ... has anyone done this who can offer any advice? Thanks.

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Air One by Lufthansa offers a great fare between Rome and Palermo!

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We took the train from Naples to Sicily. The trip is absolutely beautiful; 1st class was great. And yes, the train goes across the water on a barge, then is put back on the tracks in Sicily. We were going to take the overnight ferry to the Aeolian Islands (a wondrful place!), but we missed it, so we took the train. But the plane fares to Palermo and Catainia can't be beat.

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I think that flying is the best way unless you have plenty of time to go through all Southern Italy. You can find decent airfares, even though the month of August looks expensive since most Italians take their vacation time all at once. Please, find more details about getting there at

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We took the overnight train it was wonderful. When we crossed the straights on the ferry we got off the train and went up top, they were shooting off fireworks and there was a full moon, it was just beautiful.

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We flew Windjet from Rome to Palermo, not a good airline, stay away from them, we did not have a good experience.