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Rome to Naples to see Pompeii...

Hello there...perharps I should be more clear when posting questions on here :)

OK...taking an overnight trip from Rome to Naples, yes I'm aware it is a two hour train ride, not overnight. :) I plan on taking the train in the morning and seeing Pompeii during the day, spending the night in Naples and returning to Rome the next afternoon...

QUESTION: Should I buy my ticket to Naples and back again to Rome once I'm over in Italy? And how much is it going to be, the same as if I bought it in advance? I'm going in April btw...thanks a million!

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Generally it's cheaper to buy tickets once you arrive in Italy than trying to buy them online in advance. There are very helpful agents at the Trenitalia counters, or see a travel agency once your in Italy.

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Unfortunately, since the Trenitalia website doesn't seem to accept American credit cards, you can't book in advance. But some of the runs will offer Amica fares at 20% off. They're available until midnight the day before travel, so check those out when you arrive to see if there are any left. Standard ticket prices depend on how fast the train is. They range from 19.50 Euro on an ICPlus train to 27.60 for an ES train, to 36.10 for an ES-AV train. The AV takes about 90 minutes...the ES and ICPlus are around the two hour mark.

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We're doing a similar run in May....there are tickets you can book from Rome to Naples on the raileurope website. The price is about $60 round trip. Not sure if Norms quotes are one way or round trip....but it sounds easy enough to wait, so we probably will too. Although I do like the idea of having my ticket in hand when I get over there....

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You don't need to buy in advance for this journey. There are 20 trains a day going between these two cities. The tickets will be more expensive from RailEurope which is not a railway. It's a consortium put together by the railways to sell advance tickets.

I'm on the RailEurope website. I see the $62 RT fare mentioned by Jodi. However, the 5-digit train number and the travel time indicate that this is the least expensive R train. It's the local. A very fine train run but you can purchase this ticket at the ticket window or automated machine for $26.80 round trip. Next, I see the ICPlus train (3-digit train number) for the same price. This is a faster train with fewer stops. Still, you can get this ticket at the train station for $49.50 and not $62.

Next up is the Eurostar. This is the fastest train between the two locations. RailEurope's round trip fare is $118. You can buy this ticket for the same train at the train station for $92.15 (72.20Euro).

RailEurope is more expensive. However, if comfort in the hand is what you must have, then purchase from RailEurope.