Rome to Lucca - train or car - and then to Fondi?

Hi there! We will be arriving at Leonardo de Vinci at 12h30 on Saturday July 7th and need to get from there to an agriturismo outside of Lucca. The owner of the agriturismo says we will need a car while there to get around. Does it make sense to take the train to Lucca and then rent a car there? From what I gather car rental places aren't open in the afternoon on Saturday - except I presume at the airports. Is that correct? If that is the case then taking a car is really the only option. What is it like to drive from de Vinci to Lucca and which routing would you suggest? Is there anything I need be aware of when renting cars in Italy? We will be a group of eight and will likely have to rent two cars. After a week in the Lucca area, we plan to head down to Fondi for a week. Would it make sense to drop the car off at Lucca and then take the train to Fondi or drive the car back to de Vinci or Rome and take the train from there or, another option, take the car to Fondi and drop it there? (We will not need a car in Fondi from what I gather.) (Last question, what are the train connections like from Lucca to Fondi?) Apologies for all the dumb questions!! All the best, Wardie

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Hi Wardie,
You are correct about the rental places not being opened on the weekends and if you definitely need a car (if you are staying that far outside Lucca) then you will probably have to rent at the airport. Check the times of the different locations. You could go into Rome and then train up to Pisa and possibly rent a car there or just outside the walls of Lucca is the place we used. good luck. Marie