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Rome to Florence: Train or Flight on arrival

We fly into Rome via CDG in July and plan to head to Florence directly after. Im trying to weigh which transport option is better: Flight or Train

I have never done a flight between Italian cities, but have used the train plenty. Knowing that we go through passport control at CDG should make things easier at FCO, but it is Italy and things are rarely on time.

I would love input from someone who has more experience here:
-Does it make sense to schedule a flight to Florence for the shorter transit time while also knowing timelines at FCO are not in my control?
-Or does it make more sense to take the train, even through it may be "longer," we can just pick a train as soon as we get bags and clear customs?

Thank you in advance!

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What's the next flight you can book allowing for your plane being delayed, getting through immigration and collecting your luggage? Assuming this is a separate flight you'll need to do all that and then come back through security and catch your next flight.

Given how long this is probably going to take I would just take the train. The time saved via flying - if any - does not seem worth it me. Catch the express train that runs every 30 minutes into Rome and then grab a coffee while you wait for the next fast train to Florence which takes just over 1:30 and arrive in the center of Florence.

If you're daring you can save some money by prebooking the first train to Florence you think you can make but I'd just wait until you get to the station or book via app when you're sure what time you'll be in Roma Centrale. In general there are a couple of trains an hour between the two fast train companies so you'll be spoiled for choice.

My $.02,

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Amazing feedback! You both said what Ive been thinking, but needed to hear it from someone else!


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There is one direct fast train at 1:53 FCO to Florence
Your timing might work to catch that one

Train drops you right in city center

If you fly to Florence you are adding more time and expense getting to center from the airport

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Thank you Christine! I have already done a cursory check on the train schedule and will now debate if I should toy with booking in advance haha