Rome to Campobasso to Assisi

We are planning on flying into Rome, then to Assisi and off to Cinque Terre, flying out of Milan. My husbands father just passed away and he promised his aunt that he would try to make it to Campobasso where his grandfather is from, and take some pictures. He would like about 3 or so hours to take pictures. I know its going to be a full day of traveling. The train is 3 hours from Rome to there and then about 6 to Assisi. Any other suggestions, or would this be the best way to do this? Thank you

Posted by Terri
Surprise, AZ, USA
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Thank you. I am a little hesitant on driving. I did find a train that leaves Rome at 7am and leaves Campbasso at 2:30, arriving in Assisi around 8pm, with 1 change in Rome. I think this might be an easier way to travel. Thanks!

Posted by Nigel
East Midlands, England
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Terri, what a wonderful thing your husband is doing. I'm sorry for his loss. Usually I would suggest using the train in central and southern Italy, particularly if you haven't driven previously in Italy. In this case, if you and your husband are comfortable with the driving, I might suggest a car. The train service has few direct trains to and from Campobasso and the ones with a change take much longer. With a car from Rome (be careful of the dreaded ZTLs) you can head south towards Napoli, turn off just south of MonteCassino and get to Campobasso in 3 to 3 and a half hours. Three or four hours at Campobasso, then leave when you want. Return to the A1 and you can be in Assisi in under 5 hours. Or, and I might do this, spend a night in the outskirts of Rome as you head north. We stayed once at a Novotel on the GRA east of Rome (easy parking) and from there you can easily visit the magnificent water gardens of the Villa d'Este in Tivoli.