Rome to Assisi by train.

I will be in Rome and would like to see Assisi for the day. Is it doable to do a day trip to Assisi from Rome by tain for the day? I will be taking a cruise from Rome and need information on how to get to the ship. Does anyone done this before and what is the best way to do it? Taxi?

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Here is a good itinerary:


Depart Roma Termini Station 7:43 "regionale" train
Arrive Assisi Station 9:57

Assisi city bus at 10:16 takes you up the hill into historic Assisi; 6 minute ride


Assisi city bus at 17:16 takes you down the hill to the train station; 7 minute ride

Assisi Station Depart 17:43 "regionale" train
Roma Termini Station ar. 20:07

This gives you an ample seven hours to visit Assisi.

Round trip train fare on "regionale" train from Rome, second class (no seat reservations): 18.80 Euros. The Assisi city bus fare is 1.00 Euro in each direction.

Buy the Assisi city bus ticket at the newsstand inside the Assisi train station. (Assisi city bus schedules)

Posted by Darla
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Steve and Gac,
Thank you for the schedules for Assisi. I feel quite special to have all the answers for my questions. I hear that Assisi is a really neat and special place to visit. Thanks also for the reccommendation on how to search the R.S. Helpline. I have been using Rick's advice for so long that I even forgot about the search feature. Thanks again and I hope that you two also have some fun trips planned.

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Assisi is beautiful, just be aware that you'll be riding in on the surf with thousands upon thousands of other daytrippers doing the same thing. Like most popular tourist sites, Assisi is at its most beautiful in the early morning and later in the evening.

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Our family just did this trip to Assisi. We left Rome at about 7:50 am and departed Assisi at 6:40 p.m. We booked the trip at the American Express office by the Spanish Steps. The office was closer to our hotel than the train station. They also helped find us the later return train back to Rome. Both trains were direct, no need to switch trains. When you arrive in Assisi buy your bus tickets at the market in the station, 1 euro each way. If purchased on bus, 1.50 euro each way. Take bus all the way to last stop so that you walk downhill and not uphill to the the different sites.

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It sounds like the American Express travel services are really good. I have heard many friends say that the American Express card and their travel services are really helpful. I am thinking of staying near the Spanish steps so that would be handy to walk to. Thanks.

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HI this information is helpful and I might "hijack" it a bit. Would it be possible to take a train to Assisi from Rome, then go to Perugia in late afternoon and return to Rome from Perugia?

I tried looking at schedule on the link Steve gave to trenitalia, but I could not figure it out. Also I don't have an American Express card so I guess that option is out.

Thanks for any input!

Posted by Ken
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I haven't checked the connections, but a trip from Rome to Assisi and then to Perugia would be a LONG day. Is there any possibility you would have time for two separate day trips from Rome?

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Amy, the trenitalia site at should not be too hard to figure out. Just put in your departure and arrival cities, use the calendar to pick a day, enter a time.

Looking at the schedule the train part is only 20-30 minutes which isn't too bad; they are adjoining cities. However keep in mind that you need to get down one hill and up another via buses, which are not necessarily timed to meet trains. Figure 30 minutes each way, so your 20 minute train ride is going to take about 1.5 hours.

Bottom line, it is do-able but will limit the time you have to spend in each place. If it were me and I wanted to do this, I'd leave early for Assisi (which is more distant), have lunch there, then hit Perugia in the afternoon on the way back.

Posted by Amy
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I figured out what I was doing wrong - I input my dates in June. I guess it doesn't want to give schedule that far out. My oldest daughter is going on tour with her choir and they fly into Rome on Thurs, travel that day to Assisi, stay over night in Assisi and then go to Perugia on Friday late afternoon to sing.

My youngest daughter and I are also flying into Rome on Thursday and renting an apartment in Rome for the week. I was just trying to see if it is possible for us to see Assisi and see oldest sing in perugia.