Rome to Assisi

I understand in addition to the train we can take the bus to Assisi....has anyone done this, which is better? Looks like only a half hour difference in travel.

Posted by Larry
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I don't see the bus run anymore. The SENA bus lines now seems part of Baltour/Eurolines/Sena. The run I see now on their website goes from Rome to Perugia with no stops at Assisi. The bus runs once per day. True it looks like time savings but I wouldn't bet on it. First, you have to go to the bus station outside of the Rome-Tiburtina bus station. Second, the bus never went to Assisi (neither does the train). Both go the bus and the train go to Santa Maria degli Angeli. The sign at the train station says Assisi but it's really in Santa Maria degli Angeli (I have a picture of it). Buses up to the hilltown run from the train station. The bus from Rome let you off in a Piazza a short distance from the train station. You had to take a taxi to get to the train station to take the bus up to the hilltown. All of the previous is just for explanation. If there is a bus run to Assisi from Rome, I'd like to know more about it. Perhaps another bus line has picked up the run. Are you traveling there for more than one day or are you planning a day trip? If a day trip, one of the best runs of the day depart Rome Termini at 7:10am and arrives at 9:29am. Fare is about 10Euro. Go next door to the little shop adjacent to the train station and buy a ticket on the Line C bus. The Line C bus takes you to the top of the town (last stop). From there you visit Assisi by walking down the very steep streets. The Basilica would be your last stop. Or, if you must visit the Basilica first, you can do that and then walk up. Great shops and great gelato. Best we found in Italy. Can't remember where so you'll have to try several shops. It's then another 2.5hrs back to Rome if you're doing the day trip.

Posted by Roberto
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Click on the Orari (timetables) pdf files: Assisi-Perugia-Colvalenza-Roma-Fiumicino. Tickets are purchased on board. Buses depart from the Tiburtina station in Rome. Buses are better if you have a lot of luggage, otherwise the trains are fine.

Posted by Susan
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I agree with Michael, Assisi is one of my favorite towns in Italy. We spent 3 nights there, spending all our time there exploring. We loved it.

Posted by Jo
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Thank you. We were planning 2 nights in Assisi now I'm thinking 3. Looks like we can take in more of the hill towns by bus from Assisi.

Posted by Michael
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I think you'll be very glad you spent 3 nights in Assisi. We were there in May 2008, stayed only two nights, and wished we had stayed 3. Here are some photos of that trip, in case you're interested: Assisi May 2008

Posted by Jo
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Thanks everyone, it's 3 nights!! Love the pics!