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Rome's Church of Saints Sergius and Bacchus, interesting history

October 7 is the feast day of a pair of saints from the early 4th century
who were closeted christians serving in the Roman army in Syria.
They were outed when refusing to participate in a Jupiter worship ceremony,
and tortured to death. They developed a cult following there in Syria and in
Rome as well, and several churches over the centuries have been dedicated to them,
including the current one in Monti:
Today they are the patron saints of homosexual military personnel and, interestingly, Christian Arabs.
Not the kind of groups you'd normally associate with each other - military types not being pro-Arab, it seems to me.
Or maybe that's just stereotyping on my part.
In any case, it shows that there are so many more interesting churches to explore in Rome than the ones that make the top ten lists.

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