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Rome, Pompeii, Matera

Good evening! Looking for some advice on our trip to Italy, I booked our flights in and out of Rome. My husband has now informed me that he really wants to visit Pompeii and Matera. I have been fiddling around with flights, trains, etc trying to figure out the best way to do this. We don’t really want to rent a car. Should we take train to Naples/Sorrento on the day we arrive, Oct. 5 around 11:30 am at FCO, go to Pompeii Oct. 6, then spend maybe another day and take the train to Bari and then go to Matera and then explore Puglia and fly back to Rome Oct. 13 as I booked a hotel there for 5 nights. Or another idea I had was fly from Rome to Bari on Oct. 5, go to Matera on Oct. 6 for a couple nights, explore Puglia, then take the train to Naples/Sorrento on Oct.10 or 11, see Pompei Oct. 12 then back to Rome Oct. 13? Or any other suggestions would be much appreciated. Thanks so much.

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To go to Matera from Naples is is not necessary to go via Bari. You can look up "Napoli" to "Matera" on Trenitalia, and you will notice that you can do this in four hours. Most of it will be by coach however (until they finish building the new railway to Matera, which might still take a wile...)