Rome Night Walk

We are arriving into Rome by train and leaving by train. We will be walking all day and would like to wind up in a safe area and stay the night in a hotel . We would like to "walk Rome at night" What hotel would you recommend a stay in?

Posted by Ken
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Robert, There's lots of good information in the Italy Guidebook that will help you choose the best part of Rome to stay. As I recall, there's also a suggested route for a "night walk" shown there. As you're "arriving into Rome by train and leaving by train", it would seem logical to stay in the vicinity of Termini station. You might have a look at either Hotel Aberdeen or Hotel Sonya. Happy travels!

Posted by Robyn
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I also arrived and left by train; and took a taxi to and from our bed and breakfast. We stayed near the Vatican City at La Bella Giuliana: While we walked from our B&B clear over to Campo de' Fiore, where Rick's Night Walk Across Rome starts, there is a metro station (Ottaviano) a few blocks away (about 8 minute walk) that will take you off your feet for a while and get you near the Campo. The Vatican City is about a 15 minute walk. We stayed at La Bella Giuliana for 5 nights; it's run by Marina and Giovannino, a daughter and father team. Both speak English well. I wrote a review for it on Trip Advisor (the only review for it there). They have a nice breakfast: items you select off a menu the night before, select a time for delivery, and Giovannino brings it to your room every morning.
I always felt safe in this area and on the metro. (I'm female and was 40 years old at that time, and my friend is also female and about 33 years old at the time)

Posted by Ron
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Robert, I think you can stay in ANY part of Rome - although the central area would be more convenient for walking. As far as which hotel to select, I often recommend because their website lets you select by "section of the city." Here's a list of the 25 Best Hotels in Rome, as selected by travelers. Prices and locations do vary! Walking at night is safe - and beautiful! For some great pic's, see Rome at Night. Enjoy!