Rome meterbus pass - expiration date?

Headed to Rome again in two weeks. I have two unused one-ride Biglietto Integrato a Tempo tickets left over from a previous trip. They are the ones valid for 75 minutes on the bus or one ride on the metro. There is a notice on the ticket that says: "Emiss.:01/01/2011 10:30
71 10111OE I don't know if that indicates a "use by" date or not. Can anyone advise me as to whether this tickets should still be able to be used? Thanks!

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I have one from my last trip, too. I believe that's the date this series of tickets was issued, not an expiration date. It should be valid unless the ATAC agency changed the fare, which they do from time to time, giving people several weeks' or months' notice to use up the old tickets. You can ask an ATAC staff person or bus ticket vendor if it's valid before you board the bus, or have a fresh ticket on hand in case the machine won't validate it. Or use it for a bookmark.

Posted by Quirite
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That's indeed the issue date (these tickets don't have an expiration date per se; that is printed only when you stamp them). However, you can't use the ones you've got anymore - the fare has gone up (1.50 €) in May 2012 and ATAC has issued a new series of tickets, which are now valid for 100 minutes. You'll have to buy these...