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I realize there are 1000 blogs on Rome itineraries...with our limited time I wanted to run it by some experienced veterans to get some input. :) One issue is we will be arriving on Sunday and only staying for a couple of days...I know a few things are closed on Sunday and Monday. We are going to get the Roma Pass as Rick recommends. Here is what I am thinking so far: Sunday - Arrive in Rome from Siena via Sena Bus at 11 AM (assuming/hoping this really only takes 3 hours?), take metro bus from tiburtina to our B&B near termini (20 minutes?) so we can drop our luggage, grab a fast lunch, then on to see National museum (is 2 hours enough??) followed by Borghese Gallery. Thinking about making Borghese reservations for the last one at 1700 to give us plenty of time. Monday - Vatican City (climb the dome, museum etc). Will this take the entire day? Will walk by Trevi fountain and spanish steps that night before or after dinner Tuesday - Colosseum, Roman Forum, Capiotoline Hill/museum, Arch of Constantine, St Peter in Chains, Pantheon, walk by the trajan's column and "Dolce Vita Stroll". Is all this do-able in a day or will we have extra time? Also thought about taking the elevator up the Victor Emmanuel Monument - is this worth it? Wednesday - Really really hoping to have time to see at least one of the Catacombs before we have to catch the bus to Sorrento that leaves at 1500 that day from Tiburtina. Any suggestions on this?? Now that I'm planning it out I am starting to realize we really need another day in Rome. But is there anything that I'll be missing with this plan? How much time is necessary to see National Museum? If 2 hours is accurate, would there be time to squeeze in Baths of Diocletian, Church of Santa Maria della vittoria or some of the other churches before we head to Borghese and which would you recommend?
Thanks so very very much!

Posted by Richard
Los Angeles
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That is an awesome plan! When you get to Rome you will probably toss it in the trash. As much planning as I do I try to be flexible because reality enters into the picture. I like your Tuesday plan since everything is grouped together. After you are tired of fighting the crowds at the Coloseum you can look at Constantine's arch for about five minutes and move on. I ended up staying at St. Peter in Chains longer than I thought I would even after walking around for a while trying to find it. My point is until you are there you won't really know how long you want to spend someplace. Then there is food. I'd cut out the Rome section of the RS book and carry it with you. When it's time to eat look at the map where you are and pick something nearby. Never had a bad meal at one of the recommended places. I'd add time to Rome because there is so much to see and it's incredible. You'll want to spend more time just roaming around no matter what your plan is. I'd add in the night time walk.

Posted by Zoe
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I love your plan, but a couple of notes: Galleria Borghese will only give you a two-hour appointment, and you must be there at least 30 minutes ahead (that 30 minutes may have some flexibility, but I wouldn't want to count on it.) The National Museums are scattered in various locations, choose the one or two that most appeal to you. Two hours should be enough for at least one. The elevator at the Vittirio Emmanuele monument is worth it, especially the second elevator that goes to the top of the roof. Good signage/photomurals so you know what you are looking at. Since you will be at the Pantheon, take a few minutes for a look around Piazza Navona and, also nearby, see if the curch of San Luigi dei Francesi is open - go directly to the Caravaggios. The Pantheon is also very close to Santa Maria Sopra Minerva, which has a Michelangelo. The easiest Catacomb to get to is probably San Sebastian, but keep in mind that you can only go in with a guide, so it might be good to find out when the tour begins and ends before you commit. Best advice is to check Ron in Rome website for tons of info.

Posted by lorie
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You have some really great advice from the others. I would also try to spend a late afternoon in Trastevere stroll along the Tibor River and have dinner a Tratorria da Lucia (recommended by R Steeves). You will need to relax a bit because if you try to accomplish all your goals you will be exhausted. Don't try to see too much enjoy the sites you do get to. I can go to Rome for two weeks and not see all the wonderful sites.

Posted by Laurel
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It's a good plan, but don't be reluctant to discard or add things as you go. Good advice above to see San Luigi dei Francesi while near Pantheon. Monday will take all day... most of it anyway. After Vatican rest a bit, then take Rick's Night Walk Across Rome. By National gallery I assume you mean Palazzo Massimo; 2 hours is plenty! By the end of that gallery and the Borghese you will have had enough art for two days! Don't try to squeeze in too much. You'll need flexibility. Elevator at VE is great or a sunny evening or morning. I would not go in the heat of midday. An hour or so before sunset is very nice. Leave yourself some time to relax at a cafe for un'aperitivo each day late in the afternoon. Catacombs: See how you feel Weds AM. You may have discovered something else you would rather see.