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Rome, Italy over Palm Sunday

This is our first visit to Rome, and we realize it's a fabulous time to be in Rome, but also very crowded. Any advice regarding getting in to reataurants, and navigating the city, generally the best way to see everything. Thanks.

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I have never done anything other that walk in Rome. Look at your timeframe, list what you really, really want to see, and factor in plenty of time to just sit and absorb. Weather permitting, a good long walk on day one will help with jet lag. Villa Borghese(the park) is a great spot, with plenty of people watching opportunities thrown in. That's where I'll be on Palm Sunday, having a picnic. Happy travels

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Linda a great way to orient yourself to Rome ( or any city, even your home town) is to use Google Maps and the satellite image option. Think BIG BROTHER. Once you get the Google Map on line type in Colosseum Rome Italy and a nice map will pop up on your computer screen. Click on the Satellite box and use the zoom (look for the little man) with the + & - options. If you are a walker you'll find many things not that far from one another. St. Paul's and the Vatican being the exception. You can also use the metro. This website is fabulous so give it a good look. Loads of info about Rome and how to get around it.

Have a great visit to an incredible city.

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Thanks for your reply. I'll definatly do the google map idea.

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I hope you will be out of Rome before April 9th. My Easter trip to Rome was a first and last....could not get a train anywhere, everything booked, stood from Milan to Rome! The wonderful St Peters was jammed with tourists, with areas roped off for the Easter celebrations. Even the Coliseum was closed on Good Friday....the Pope was coming on Saturday to say mass. Very crowded does not describe the situation....I think all of Italy is traveling from Thurs through Tuesday around Easter. It was relentless, sorry to say.

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Linda: Because your question involves knowing conditions in Rome on a specific holiday, it's a difficult one for us to answer. A person who can answer it is the one who created the website provided earlier by Claudia. If you go to this page of that website, and scroll down to the bottom you'll find his e-mail address and can submit your question to him. He's a nice guy and very helpful.