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Rome hotels - Barocco or Concordia?

Going to Rome on March 4th for 6-7 nights and am killing myself trying to figure out where to stay. Just when I think I've figured it out I find a handful of horrible reviews and start all over again. So...I think I might have it narrowed down to Hotel Barocco or Hotel Concordia - has anyone stayed there? Our most important criteria is location, yet my husband isn't very keen on noisy crowds to it's been tricky. I've stayed near the Trevi fountain before and loved the location but don't want to stay at the same place (hotel was ok but service was baaaad). Trying to stay under $150/night for at least a 3 star hotel with a decent breakfast. Any assistance is greatly appreciated and recommendations are welcome! Many thanks!

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We are going to Rome in April and I was boggled by all of the hotel choices. I looked around this message board and found the site to be VERY helpful. I reserved a B&B in the center of Rome w/in walking distance of major sites..for just $39 a person per night. The reviews were positive as well.

Good luck :)

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Eight of us really enjoyed the Hotel Aberdeen in Rick's book. The people were wonderful, beds were comfortable and the breakfast was fantastic. We were there in June, 2005.

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Our three preferred Rome hotels are Aberdeen, Sonya, and Contilia -- all in the Termini area. Sonya is our first choice mostly because the breakfast is slightly better than the Aberdeen -- I know -- hard to believe. Contilia is our backup to the other two or if we just want a quick overnight in Rome.