Rome hotel with easy access to Cruise Ship

We have one night in Rome before departing from the port on a cruise ship. What area do you recommend to stay in to catch the sights, yet have an easy access to the port? Our ship leaves in the afternoon.
Thanks, Elaine

Posted by Frank
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First, understand that the port is over an hour away via train. Go to for detail directions on how to get there via train. We have done four cruises out of Civiti... (the cruise port. We always stay in a hotel near Termini (Sonya or Aberdeen). Catch a noon train to Civit.. When you exit the station you should be able to see your ship to the right. It is about quarter mile walk to the port entrance and from there a shuttle will take you to your ship's check-in point. Just follow the flow - lots of people will be doing the same thing. It is basically a commuter run with three or four trains an hour taking from 45 mins to an hour 15, and ranging from 8 to 12 Euro for the ticket. Fast trains are more expensive.

Posted by Larry
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Elaine, you are not really near the cruise port in Civitavecchia when staying in Rome. You are about 50 miles away. There are two types of trains that make the run to the Civitavecchia train station. First, the Regionale train. This train takes at most 1hr40min and cost 5Euro. Second, the Freccibianca fast train. This train makes the run in 40 minutes and costs 15Euro. The Regionale trains run more frequently than the fast trains. Currently, there are two fast train runs at 12:10 and 13:29. There is one much later in the day but your ship will have left port by the time it runs. Once at the Civitavecchia train station, you still have a 5-block walk to the port entrance with additional time needed to get to and onto the ship for check-in. Thus, for the fast train, you are looking at about 2hrs to depart Rome-Termini and reach your ship. By Regionale train, it's about 3hrs and there are frequent Regionale trains. You can see much more about this particular journey on Ron in Rome's website. To answer your question, I suggest that you will need to be near the Rome-Termini train station. One hotel that is within about 3 blocks is the Hotel Sonya. Quite nice and nicely rated on

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Thank you both so much for the info. It helps a lot. Elaine

Posted by Lee
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I would stay in Centro Storico preferably at or near the Pantheon. Taxis are relatively cheap in Rome, so you're not that far away from Termini in time. At the Pantheon, you'll be an easy walk from Trevi Fountain and the Piazza Navona. The Spanish Steps aren't far. Good restaurants are all around. Albergo del Senato would be my choice for a hotel. Note that Italian train stations don't have porters. If baggage is an issue, get a car and driver which will pick you up at your lodging and drop you shipside. is reliable with English speaking drivers. It's an expensive option, but you can go on and find the board for your cruise. Perhaps you can find someone to share the cost.