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Rome hostels- tough to choose one...

I'm looking at reviews of them all at Hostelworld/

I can only stay at the Beehive 2 nights, leaving me the need to book May 24, 27 &28.

The Yellow, Legends, Hostel Des Artistes, Sandy, etc.

I'm seeing complaints about the Teremini area. Maybe another area is better (doesn't matter since I'm using Ciampiano to leave).

Thanks for any leads.

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I guess a better topic header would've been:

What hostel have you enjoyed in Rome?

I'm researching carefully. Thanks for any extra hints.

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Loved the beehive, one of the best hostels in europe! Termini area is not that bad the beehive is about 2 1/2 blocks away from the station and on a pretty quiet street. Termini area is fine, try and get the beehive for your whole stay it was clean, nice, free internet, but not a hostel for partiers, if you want to see the sights and have a nice place to relax this is the best place, with a nice garden.

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I'm with you, I'll be in rome around the same time. It's great that everyone seems to think the beehive is the best, I'm actually surprised you got rooms there. Because I couldn't!

After my hours of research for myself & my gf, we picked Legends b/c of smaller dorm size and the fact that it's a couple of blocks north from the termini.

I'm not going to pretend to know Rome. But when I was at other parts of the city to stay Prati and Trastevere came up as quieter parts of the city.

just remember to cross-reference reviews from hostelworld with, like, the graffiti wall at :)

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that was supposed to read:

"I'm not going to pretend to know Rome. But when I was researching other places.."
I'm not sure what kind of complaints you're talking about w/ Termini. Too loud? Too much crime? I don't think staying at hostels around Broadway in SF would be much different, you know? You stay there for the cheap rooms, not much else.

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Another option is that there are some hostel campgrounds on the outer edges of Rome. I stayed there last year when I was in Rome and it was quite reasonably priced. It was very clean and had a restaurant and bar, pool and free shuttle bus to city train station to get back to Rome. Also they had a shuttle bus to Ciampiano running all day. So I hope this kind of helps

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I went w/Legends for the 24th.

Location & 24 hr checkin helps since I arrive at Teremini at 7PM, & don't want to roam around my first night in Roma.