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Rome - Friday or Saturday

My husband and I will only have one day in Rome when we go to Italy in the middle of May. It will either be a Friday or Saturday. Is there any real significant difference in crowds between a Friday and a Saturday. I know that Rome is always crowded, so I doubt it makes much difference, but I just wondered if any thought Friday was less crowded than a Saturday? We will be attempting to go to as many of the main highlights as possible, St. Peters, the Colosseum, Pantheon. Thanks!

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As you's always crowded in Rome, so in my opinion, it doesn't matter what day you are there.

We visited the first week of November last year, and it was crowded then. Just make sure you pick the site you really really want to see, and get there early, before it opens to be close to the front of the line. I can promise you that if you get to the Colosseum at 10AM, you will be waiting in a long line just to buy tickets.

Remember that the Forum is no longer free. Bummer, cuz it was fun to just walk through the Forum to get to other sights, and to just wander, although perhaps now the crowds will be a bit less since everyone will have to pay to get in there.