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Rome/Florence during November

My wife and I plan to spend 7 days in Rome during the next Thanksgiving holiday. We would like to have reservations on the first and last night and wing-it in between, in case we want to go up to Florence for a night or two. Are we going to be able to find places (RS recommendations)with vacancies? How are the crowds during the last week of November? I am hoping this is an off-season for Italy...

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Hi Justin,

I have been to Italy twice in November. The crowds are not too bad and the weather is great. Cool but so cool that you have to wear a heavy coat. I wore a sweater and lightweight coat and it was fine. We stayed at Hotel Max, it is located near the train station, very clean, nice staff and good breakfast. It is only a 2 star hotel but I figure as long as it is clean who cares, you're not in your room that much. Also a tip, a good way to see the city is to go on the hop on, hop off busses. It is only 15 euro for 24 hours. Goes all over the city and points out different sights.

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Don't forget that you loose an hour of daylight in November for Daylight savings time. Also November 1 is All Saints Day. Some TI offices will be closed as well as other sights. Check online for closures. Take your umbrella and a waterproof jacket AND a scarf. Many locals wear scarves. My husband and I stayed at Soggiorno Battistero in Florence. It is just across the street from the Baptistery. Wonderful view from our room. Not a great breakfast that was served in the room but...your're in Italy!!!

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The lack of crowds will more than make up for the chilly weather! You'll have a long, unobstructed view of Michelangelo's David, for instance, instead of peeking through throngs of people and then being pushed along by the herd. But Rome and Florence are popular destinations year 'round. I'm the kind of person who prefers having reservations, although I know many people on this board are not. It just makes me feel more comfortable. If it were me, I would just plan now to see Florence while I was spending the week in Rome; it's well worth the trip!

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My daughter and I will be in Rome Thanksgiving week 2008 also (there is no school in Florida that week). I have been wondering the same thing about the weather, but it was the only reasonable time we could go... I have been searching hotels and apparently this is a VERY low season for them. Some have been willing to negotiate rates online. I haven't settled on one yet, but don't think that it will be an issue. (In fact, some that I am interested in only start booking 6 months out so it is TOO SOON :0)!!)
We are from Orlando so I am worried about the cold (yes, we are wimps and admit it.) Guess we'll have to buy jackets & bundle up!

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I was in Rome November 12-16,2007.In the morning it was cool but by afternoon the sweater came off and a very light jacket was sufficient.Evenings it cooled off again.We wore a sweater under a light jacket mornings,took it off in the afternoon and put it back on in the evening.Like stated above the cool weather is more then made up for by the smal;ler crowds.