Rome-Dinner with a View

Hello, Can anyone recommend a restaurant with a nice view of either the city or a piazza in Rome for our last evening meal? I am looking for something moderately priced (but open to higher end restaurants as well) with good food. La Terrazza was suggested but I am not too thrilled about the menu options so looking for more suggestions :) Thanks!

Posted by Michelle
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From my experience you will be hard pressed to find a really good restaurant with a view in Rome. You might be better off to go for a nice dinner at a good restaurant and then a wonderful walk around to the different fountains and piazza's after dinner. I used Katie Parla's App. for finding good restaurants in Rome. Armando in Pantheon is one restaurant that is highly recommended, close to the Pantheon obviously. Enjoy!

Posted by SamSn
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I agree with Michelle. The restaurants with a view typically are charging a lot for the view and the food isn't going to be that good. Or the food may be good but you're dropping a minimum of 200 euro for dinner for two. I would have drinks at the rooftop bar of the Hotel Forum then head down a few doors to La Taverna dei Fori Imperiali and have an outstanding meal at a family run restaurant.

Posted by Mike
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Totally recommend the Albergo delSenato. Roof top bar with a view of the Pantheon that's amazing. Great service and known for their sangria. We stayed at the hotel - well worth it.

Posted by Sheron
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I agree with Mike...the views from the rooftop bar at Albergo del Senato are incredible! I don't believe they serve dinner...but you can and should definitely have a drink there. We just returned from staying at the hotel and had a drink before dinner at the rooftop bar this past Monday night and we watched the sunset and it was beautiful. It overlooks Piazza del Rotunda and the Pantheon. We were told by the bartender that they usually serve snacks along with the drinks but can't because they have a pigeon problem and as soon as they put out food, the pigeons descend. But, again, totally worth while for a drink!