Rome: Current Taxi rates/Source for current taxi rates

Traveling to Rome solo 3/20, landing at FCO. I believe the current taxi rate from FCO to a hotel near Vatican would be a set euro 48. Also believe that the current Leonardo Express is euro 14 FCO to Termini. Trying to be cost efficient but also balance cost of traveling solo with no one to split the taxi & convenience. Am thinking about LE to Termini then taking a taxi (rather than metro) to the apartment and am trying to reasonably calculate taxi cost from Termini. I have used Michelin & Google directions, the variety of distances (based on route) vary from 5.5 to 7.5 km. I will be arriving at FCO at 14:25 on a weekday. Other factors: I will need to get sim cards for my iphone and ipad, which I understand are not available from accessible vendors at FCO but are available at Termini. I also understand that vendors at Termini are easier to deal with because they speak english and deal with travelers all the time. Am also wondering about taking a regular train to Trestevere, then a taxi. Wonder if there would be other good alternaties to getting sim cards either at that station or elsewhere. .
I would appreciate any current info on taxi rates and any info/recommendations about alternatives. Thanks!

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Once again mille grazie to Roberto and thanks to Michael!

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World taxi meter is optimistic. The estimate is 11.6 euro from termini to Vatican. I'd say the actual fare will be closer to 20.

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They already covered the taxi tariff's. On the Sims card, just make sure that your telephone is unlocked before leaving the states. There has been some word the AT&T is not unlocking telephones after last weekwanting customers to pay their small monthly fee and .99 per minute. Many just buy cheap Tracfone type phones when they get to Italy. I cherished the two weeks of not having a phone when in Italysilence was golden. Communications were done by email at the hotels on wifi. After you get into Rome, figure out how to get around on public transportation. The buses are very efficient getting across town, and the subways are also available. You can walk yourself to death in Romewhen it's so easy to ride inexpensively. See for everything about the city.