Rome Colloseum Question

Hi, I purchased the standard combo pass for the Colloseum/Forum/Palatine on line some weeks ago. Unbeknown to me, there is also a ticket you can purchase for the dungeons and upper tiers of the Colloseum, which I have only just learned about. Is it possible to upgrade my current pass to one that includes the dungeons and upper tiers or do I have buy new tickets? If I can upgrade, what is the easiest process to do this? Thanks for whatever help you can give in advance.

Posted by donna
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You don't actually have a "pass" you have an entry ticket which is good for all three sites over the course of two consecutive days. The ticket allows only one entry per site but they give you two days to see all three. To answer your question, yes, there is a way to book the underground/third tier tour. You'll need to call to book the tour. Since you already have the entry tickets all you need is the tour. You cannot book just the tour online (yes, I know there is a free entry option but you don't qualify for that). The number to call is 39 06 399 67700. I'm not sure what the dial out code is for Australia so you'll need to add that first. Just tell the operator that you need to book just the tour. Let him/her know you already have entry tickets. The call takes less than 5 minutes. When they ask for an address they mean an email address. Donna