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rome, calabria, venice in a wheelchair

Has anyone travelled to the main sites in these area with someone in a wheelchair? The person in the wheelchair can easily walk but may need to rely on the chair at times due to a bum knee and being a bit older than the rest of us :). We're thinking Rome and Calabria at this point. Any thoughts or suggestions? Thanks!

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I've done Venice with a stroller and the experience was enough to make me vow never to return to Venice until both my kids could walk. There were three adults to lift that stroller up and down the stairs and we were still worn out by the end. So Venice with a wheelchair would be a challenge, even without the person sitting in it you will have to do a lot of lifting.
Italian cities in general are not every handicapped accessible. You may find Rome easier to get around in, especially right in the center, but many sidewalks don't have wheelchair ramps, the metro stations are often hard to get in and out of without using the stairs, or you have cars parked so closely together that squeezing past is difficult.
You also mentioned Calabria, but Calabria is the region, could you specify what towns you are thinking of going to? In any case, you will the find situation to be similar to Rome, mostly due to a lack of wheelchair ramps and cars blocking the sidewalks.
I would rethink your plans to allow this person time during the day to rest and consider taking things slowly. The nightmare of dragging a wheelchair everywhere you go should be avoided if possible.

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Allison: Here is a quote from ITN magazine about a book you may want to buy.

The book "Venice: Easy Sightseeing: A Guide Book for Casual Walkers, Seniors and Wheelchair Riders" contains 14 sightseeing routes, each a 3 TO 5 minute walk from a boat dock. There are maps plus descriptions of wheelchair-accessible paths, elevators and bathrooms. ISBN 1419698745, $15.99 from Amazon

Hope this may be helpful. (ITN is International Travel News Magazine)