Rome, Bari, Venice

Hello! We are planning a trip to Italy for the first time. My husband's family is from Bari, my daughter wants to be sure to visit Venice and Rome is a must. What's the best way to visit all three cities. We are all over the map!

Posted by Michael
Seattle, WA, USA
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Perhaps Roberto will weigh in. He usually has really good suggestions for this sort of thing. Here's what comes to my mind. Fly into Bari. Train to Rome. Train to Venice. Fly out of Venice. Do a google search for "nonstop flights to Bari" to see which carriers go there and from which European cities. You could do the Alitalia direct flight from LAX to Rome, then connect on a flight to Bari.

Posted by Zoe
Toledo, Ohio, US
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I would start in Venice (early morning outbound transatlantic flights are a pain), then since you're on the Adriatic coast, go to Bari next (flights from Venice within Italy depart at more reasonable times, or you can take the train), then go to Rome.

Posted by Steve
Gaston, Oregon, USA
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Whatever works best for you. Into Venice, train to Rome, train, fly, or even drive to Bari? Fly home from Bari, Brindisi, or Rome? The trains are a great option between Rome and Bari, and Rome and Venice. We flew into Rome, drove the beautiful 4 hr trip to the area just north of Bari, and flew back to Rome from Brindisi on one of the lo-cost inter EU airlines that you can find on Skyscanner. Bring a GPS from home, and a Michelin map or Atlas of Italy. Use the Lonely Planet guidebook for the Puglia area, and Rick Steve's for Rome and Venice. Here is a good overview of Apulia:

Posted by Karen
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Thank you all so much for your imput. It is greatly appreciated!

Posted by Ellen
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I agree with Zoe. Best to either start in Rome or start in Venice.
But do Rome/Bari/Venice....or Venice/Bari/Rome. Flying in to Bari doesn't make sense, since it's in the middle of both these major cities. I'd recommend spending a bit of time in Puglia since you are going to Bari.. Alberobello is delightful and worth a day if you can stop!