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Rome Apartment Rental Location

Hi everyone,

I have found a nice apartment for my Mom and I in Rome for our October trip. Seems to be exactly what we are looking for regarding accommodations/amenities. In addition, the reviews have been positive and the owner has been very responsive.

Having never been to Rome I would like some general feedback on the area. The apartment is on Via di. S. Paolo alla Regola and is located about 100 meters from Palazzo Farnese. Yes I did look at at a map and it seems to be somewhat centrally located but feedback from those who know the area would be appreciated. Any suggestions on where to eat around the apartment or across the river in Trastevere would be nice but not required. Also, if someone can let me know or pinpoint me in the direction where I can find the closest taxi stand to the area or metro that would be great.

Thank you in advance.

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We rented an apartment right on Piazza Farnese in 2017. It's a great location that is very centrally located. You will be right next to Campo de Fiori and close to the Pantheon. We had a very good meal at Renato e Luisa and great pizza at Dar Poeta in the Trastevere. Open Baladin serves craft beers and burgers if you have a craving for home. We loved staying in that area!

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That's a great area due south of the Vatican and across the river.
Between the Palazzo Farnese and the river, there are not that many places to eat. But to the other side of the Palazzo the neighborhood has a bunch of restaurants.
Go on Google Maps and enter "Palazzo Farnese, Rome" to pop up a map of the area. Then hit the +++ to magnify the map showing hotels and restaurants.

It appears the area is served by buses that run along the river. And to the north is Corso Vittorio Emanuele II with many bus stands. Rome is one of those cities where navigating the bus routes is very important as it's too easy to walk yourself to death there.

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You are nowhere near a Metro stop. Buses and trams is the way to go. Nice area. Second the Dar Poeta (lots to see over there too). Plenty of buses going by in all directions after a couple of minutes' walk. I'd love to be there.

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You are nowhere near a Metro stop. Buses and trams is the way to go.
Nice area. Second the Dar Poeta (lots to see over there too). Plenty
of buses going by in all directions after a couple of minutes' walk.
I'd love to be there.

So would I, Nigel. Great area. To get to the nearest bus, you have to walk through Campo de' Fiori, then another couple blocks and you're on one of Rome's main drags, Corso Vittorio Emmanuele, a very interesting 5-minute walk. Catch the bus there--one way towards Termini, cross the street to catch it the other way towards the Vatican.

Food tips in the vicinity: Pizzeria Emma for spaghetti alla Carbonara, Forno Bakery for sweets and artisan pizza by the slice. Both incredible, both owned by the Roscioli family.

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I’m staying about a 5 min walk away from your apartment in May! I have stayed on the northern side of the corso by a block before, and the closest taxi stand to THAT apartment was Largo di Torre Argentina, not sure if they are that few and far between.....but the Corso is very handy for buses!

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If you and your mother are up to it, you can walk most of the central area within 45 minutes in each direction. Note, stopping for drinks only in certain areas, such as a Piazza Navona restaurant, can be a tad expensive.

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Thank you everyone for posting a reply to my post. Based on feedback it seems I made a good choice in location.

Jeanine thank you for the restaurant/pizza recommendations – I have made a note on my vacation worksheet.

David as I do have my Mom with me, I am going to have to learn about the bus routes as though she will be able to walk for a bit, she has some knee issues so too much of it without breaks will not be good.

Nigel with a second recommendation for Dar Poeta I am going to have to try to get there on my trip.

Jay thanks for the food tips in the area as well as the bus tips. Seems I made a great choice on location as everyone has posted they have enjoyed the area.

Katherine good to know about where to find buses. I am going to have to review this before my trip as I am not familiar with public transportation at all so I just want to be aware.

Gundersen we will walk as much as possible but I do not want to put too much strain on my Mom due to her bad knees. Some walking is good and she will need breaks but we have to take into account any tours we will do before deciding to walk anywhere.

Gerri thank you for the map.

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That's a fabulous area to stay - congratulations!

In general, the metro in Rome is of limited use to tourists, so don't worry about not being near a stop. You'll be using buses and taxis, as well as walking. In that area, you should not expect to be able to hail a taxi in the street; you'll have to call one, or go to a taxi stand. Note that if you call a taxi, the driver starts the meter as soon as they get your call, so your taxi arrives with the meter running; this is legitimate. Google Maps shows the nearest taxi stand as being just across the river, but I don't know if there's a closer one. There will be taxi stands around main attractions, if you're tired and need one back to your apartment; if there isn't a nearby stand, the restaurant, museum, etc can call one.

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Harold's right, as you cross the Ponte Sisto to reach Trastevere there's a taxi stand on your left across the street.

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Harold thank you – so glad I picked a great area to stay. Appreciate the information regarding transportation around Rome – good things to know.

Gerri thanks for confirming the taxi stand location.

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Just bookmarked the map of taxi stands for future trips. Very helpful. Thanks, Gerri!